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TwoMindz© | Consulting to sporting, corporate, legal, medical, military and government clients globally on how to release and sustain ‘PERFORMANCE UNDER PRESSURE’

Pressure makes a difference. Irrespective of the particular performance domain and technical expertise involved, human factors often influence the outcome in high-stakes situations. This means that the human mind can be the main limiting factor under pressure. Or the critical advantage.

To get to the heart of what drives human behaviour, Ceri’s Performance Under Pressure© system addresses both individual and situational factors in the form of two connected performance maps. The ‘internal’ map helps individuals and teams monitor their state of mind to increase mental threshold and resilience. The ‘external’ map demystifies group culture by showing how the critical building blocks can combine to create a dynamic team environment.

Ceri shows how mental strength and group culture interact to either drive or undermine performance under pressure.

He consults globally to clients on how to release and sustain ‘PERFORMANCE UNDER PRESSURE’.



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