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TwoMindz© | Consulting to sporting, corporate, legal, medical, military and government clients globally on how to release and sustain ‘PERFORMANCE UNDER PRESSURE’

Ceri provides customised programmes originating from the Red-Blue© concept he co-founded in the 1990’s. The objective is to go beyond ‘hints and tips’ training to provide an attractive and easy-to-use system of maps and tools for leaders and teams to understand how human factors influence performance.

Ceri specialises in delivering workshops to senior executive and sports teams under pressure to perform. The key to an effective programme is depth and breadth: the workshops deepen understanding of the core performance maps, while the tools are continuously applied to new situations to build the skill base.

The graphics-based workshops are adapted to the needs of the client and may comprise:

• In-house or off-site ‘Performance Under Pressure’ preliminary workshops and detailed programmes delivered over a predetermined period of weeks or months;

• Private two or three day strategic modules for executive leadership teams in the client’s home region or at retreat locations.

For individuals undertaking high-stakes pursuits, Ceri can provide specialised one-to-one mental analysis and development sessions tailored to focus on your performance.

Ceri also provides keynote addresses to a broad range of academic, clinical, business and sporting audiences.

Enquiries are addressed by scheduling a confidential conversation to understand your needs and to assess the strength of fit between your performance goals and the programmes.



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